The Kids Playing Soccer Killed by a Suicide Bomber That You Didn’t Create a Hashtag For

We hit the # key and created a hashtag so we could all be Charlie Hebdo, whoever he was.

A few months later we prayed for Paris and turned Facebook profile pictures red, white, and blue because we can imagine going to a cafe, or restaurant, or concert but not imagine being blown up or shot dead.

We prayed for Brussels and again pressed the # key because who hasn’t stood in line at an airport departure hall or caught a subway train?


Buried on Monday, many of those killed were aged between 10 and 16. Pic: Reuters

But the death of at least 32 people, many just children aged between 10- and 16- years old, missed out on a hashtag, a global prayer, and Facebook profile flag.

The kids were waiting for trophies in the evening light after a game between amateur teams in Iskandariya, a city in Iraq.

A suicide bomber – claimed to be affiliated with Islamic State/Daesh – walked into the gathering crowd and detonated the bomb.

The city’s mayor Ahmed Shaker was also killed, along with bodyguards and members of the security forces.

Approximately 84 others were wounded, 12 said to be in critical condition.

Or, as they call it in Iraq, ‘No Hashtag Saturday’.

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