Chuck Blazer is Dead

Charles Gordon Blazer, banned from all football activities for life in 2015, had been suffering from cancer.

In 2013 he pled guilty to bribery, money laundering, and tax evasion to American authorities.


His cooperation with U.S. law enforcement helped investigators expose the deep well of corruption within CONCACAF – the confederation of which he was General Secretary for  21 years.

Part of Blazer’s cooperation with US authorities saw him covertly record conversations with business people and football officials from around the world – including Frank Lowy, the founder of the Westfield shopping mall empire and chairman of Football Federation Australia.

Blazer’s blog, Travels With Chuck Blazer and his Friends, had not been updated since February 9, 2014.



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  1. John McDermott · · Reply

    Remembered fondly by many, also despised by many. Soccer was very, very good to Chuck. I’m not sure how good he was to soccer when pluses and minuses are all added up. I’ve seen him described as a “whistleblower” who wanted to right the wrongs. That’s like calling an arsonist a hero because he called the fire department after he realized someone saw him set fire to a house.

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