Donald Trump tweeted about the 2026 World Cup bid and it is as helpful as you would expect

The President of the United States took to Twitter to announce his support for the so-called  “United Bid” to host the 2026 World Cup, a three-way effort led by the U.S. with a bit of PR and minor logistic assistance from Mexico and Canada.

There’s a  lot to take in from that 51-world statement that opens the door to much analysis on so many levels and – obviously not for the first time – questions whether Trump or anyone close  to him has any idea about what exactly is going on.


The President of the United States: a fan of the joint US-Mexico-Canada bid for the 2026 World Cup and an enthusiastic amateur golfer.

Two things are most significant here. The first:

France, aka the French Football Federation, has publicly announced its 100 percent support of Morocco’s bid for 2026, the only rival to the U.S./Mexico/Canada bid. France is NOT voting for the United2026 bid.

Michel Platini, the French former FIFA Executive Committee member in 2010, was  apparently “encouraged” to vote for Qatar’s bid for 2022 by Nicolas Sarkozy,  the-then President of France. These things do not happen in isolation.

Second: FIFA explicitly forbids what it calls “political interference” in the relationship between governments and football federations. The reasoning behind this is that it stops dictatorial governments from co-opting sport (ie, football) for its own purposes (yes,yes, of course, but the rule still exists even if it is flouted).

As the Los Angeles Times stated: “It is unknown what prompted Trump’s tweet on the matter.”

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  1. John McDermott · · Reply

    The Michelin Man(or is he the Pillsbury Doughboy?) does not have a clue. If he did, he would know that he is one of the reasons many countries will not vote for. USA World Cup. Snd let’s be honest here-it IS a USA World Cup with a bit of camouflage thrown in courtesy of Canada and Mexico(sort of like having a couple of NFL games in London or Berlin or Mexico City). As much as FIFA wants American money and sponsors many of those voting will not wish to expose themselves to the US Department of Justice. Morocco is a much safer bet and I predict they will win the vote in spite of any FIFA monkey business to influence the vote.

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