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If Qatar 2022 Goes Down In Flames, So Too Do Football’s Prominent & Powerful

One thing is for sure. If the Qatar bid does go down (or up in flames) then a lot of very prominent and powerful people in football will go down with it. Not that that is necessarily a bad thing.

Greek Austerity Teaches Kids Value of Possesion. Maybe.

The internet has been getting a little excited about this clip of a youth team in Greece that passed the ball through seemingly all 11 players before scoring. The kid who finally scored should have squared the ball to the guy on his left who was free, though. Greedy.

West Ham’s Matt Jarvis Didn’t Have To Do This…

Matt Jarvis didn’t have much to gain from posing for the front cover of British gay magazine Attitude. But he did it anyway. In the accompanying interview he claimed: “[Being gay] is everyday life. It’s not something that’s going to be a shock. I’m sure there are many footballers who are gay, but when they […]

Milan Players Walk Off After Racist Chanting

I’m no fan of Kevin-Prince Boateng. During the 2010 World Cup,  for some reason his Ghanaian team regularly snubbed the international media. This was both a shame and frustrating as they had an interesting story to tell. But I applaud his walking off the pitch 25 minutes into a game when a bunch of morons directed […]