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Inside the Qatar labor camps with The Workers Cup, a film with an alternative World Cup dream

The Workers Cup follows construction workers inside a Qatari labor camp described as a prison that holds up to 4000 men.  

FIFA Spends $30 Million On ‘United Passions’, A Bonfire ‘Vanity Project’ for Sepp Blatter

This bonfire of vanities is bizarre on many levels even ignoring the impending clash of civilizations in Brazil in June (that’s FIFA and the ready-to-rumble good people of Brazil, if you were wondering). But consider this: Tim Roth, the guy who played Mr Orange in Reservoir Dogs, stars in United Passions as FIFA President Sepp Blatter.

A Short Film About the Greatest World Cup Game of All-Time (possibly)

Michel Platini apparently said after the game he thought Battiston was dead. When told after the game that Battiston had lost three teeth, Schumacher said: “If that’s all that’s wrong with him, I’ll buy him the crowns.”

Pep, The Novelist, The Screenwriter, & The Director (& Penelope Cruz)

“I went over to see him and we went to shows and museums – we even had dinner with a famous economist. For the American elections he stayed up until the final result was in, peppering me with information all night on the phone, following Obama.”